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so, not too long ago, I posted to a couple groups (and possibly to this journal itself--I didn't check) under the heading "Fasting and Fat Acceptance." Or was it "Fat Acceptance and Fasting"?

Anyway, on one of the groups, I got a comment from someone that they didn't understand fat acceptance: after all, "why accept something that is so obviously unhealthy and easy to change?"

I said my piece, and she replied that, while she had no personal problem with fat people, it's delusional to think fat is healthy (no one's saying it's inherently healthy--no more than being thin) and to call fat acceptance a movement. Which I found very offensive, and told her so, along with my hopes that she continues to think over the issue and maybe come to a better understanding of what fat acceptance is about.

I wish I had linked her this article:

I found it as I was going through all the articles linked to from this one:, and it is a much more sophisticated, eloquent explanation of the politics of fatness than I was able to muster.

If you get a chance to read the more recent article, it is definitely worth going through the links, because there are a TON of amazing blog posts and articles to be found through it.

In other news: I'm staying with my boyfriend for a while in his dorm, at let me just say, the food here? The, you know, cafeteria food? IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. A couple days ago they were serving flatbread sandwiches with blackberry aioli, beef brisket, swiss cheese (or maybe something a bit fancier), field greens, and pickled red cabbage. Holy shit. The next day, three-meat pasta with gruyere and bechamel sauce, with a side of zucchini florentine. Today's brunch was a turkey bacon avocado panini with a side of vegetable orzo salad, and tiramisu-flavored gelato for dessert.

Plus, someone left a nearly full bottle of amaretto up for grabs, half of which I promptly poured into my own empty bottle and hauled up to the dorm.

Really, the only thing is that... well, for one thing, my black pants still dig in pretty badly when I sit (it's fine if I stand with decent posture), and for another, there are SO MANY thin, gorgeous girls here. WTF? I guess I just forgot what it's like to be around a crowd almost exclusively of 18-21 year olds. And I have no doubt that a wwwaaaayyy higher-than-average percentage of the population is vegan (not that you can't be fat and vegan... it's just harder), seeing as we're in pretty much the most liberal/progressive college anywhere (that I've ever heard of), in one of the most liberal/progressive cities in the nation.

You should be so lucky. I just can't wait 'til it gets cold so we can use the fireplace IN HIS ROOM. Yeah. Awesome.


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