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so... ah, okay, so, I want to just be clear that from here on out, when I say The Boy, I mean The New Boy. I guess I could call my ex The Old Boy, but I'm not going to. He's... um... let's call him The Guy? Maybe?

Anyway, so, I went over to The Boy's house Tuesday, and I just got home (Friday afternoon...). Ahh... he's pretty lovely. It's nice being around him.

I had a tummy ache this morning because all I ate yesterday was deep-fried foods and an ice cream float, ack! But, what with all the sexin' going on, I don't think I did toooooo much damage. I don't know. It's hard to keep my head in the game (the game being my ed) but since when is NOT being obsessed with weight and calories and self-loathing a bad thing? This is really my ideal state--where I'm basically distracted from all the parts of my ED, including the binges. I am just living.

Spending time with The Boy... hanging out with The Guy... Doing school stuff... yeah, it's good. The only thing that's got me down is the itching. This hives stuff... man, I'm back on prednisone, but it's not as effective as before. When I took it before the hives went totally away, the whole time (until the dose got under 40 mg)... but this time around I do still get itches here and there, and it's a lot worse at night. But still, it's a hell of a lot better than before.

Shit, I really shouldn't be writing here right now. I should be doing my philosophy of religion work! Okay, doing it, doing it!

(TGFA--thank god for adderall)


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